Angela Terry

Environmental scientist and commentator, sharing knowledge to save the planet




Angela regularly appears in broadcast and print media explaining eco science in language everyone can understand.

Knowing what steps to take to save the planet can appear complicated and expensive. As a mum and a consumer Angela can explain the small changes every family can make to cut their carbon footprint and even save money in the process.

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Latest Blog:

Giving Evidence to the House of Lords

I was asked to give evidence to the House Of Lords' Committee on Climate Change and the Environment in March 2022. During the two-hour session I was struck by how eager the members were to listen to me and my fellow experts and sometimes surprised.

Peers were seeking to understand how behaviour change from the public can have a role in achieving the Government’s net-zero goals. Their questions led to a lively discussion about what works and what doesn’t. For me it was also a chance to press home the need for a public information campaign as I've called for on numerous occasions.

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