An average household spends over £1,300 a year on energy. Save money, stay warm and cut carbon by following top ten tips.

  1.  Replace all your bulbs with LEDs, even halogen down lighters.
  2. Stop draughts and save money on heating! Draft excluders exist for windows, doors and to ensure a cosy home.
  3. Set your thermostat to 21°C downstairs and 18°C in bedrooms.
  4. Close your thermal-lined curtains at dusk to keep heat in.
  5. Switch off electronic devices on standby; save around £80 a year!
  6. Replace any single glazed or 'misty' double glazing.
  7. Fill a full load before turning the washing machine on.
  8. Drive less: Car share, walk, cycle, bus or train.
  9. Only boil the water you need for that lovely cup of tea.
  10. Switch supplier. Those who switch save up to £200 a year.